Flights and Ferries


Kalymnos  Airport

Kalymnos has become more accessible since the summer of 2006 as we now have an Airport  on Kalymnos which runs all year round. In the summer there are 2 air flights a day from Athens to Kalymnos  and vice versa.

Kos Airport

Kos  Airport also runs throughout the year. With regular Aegean and Olympic flights  flying from Athens to Kos throughout the summer and winter as well as all of  the charter flights some of which start at the end of March but most starting  from the beginning of May.

Ferry  Boats

During the Summer season there is a regular ferry service from Mastahari to Kalymnos. The ferries also run throughout the winter but on a limited service.

Ferry  boat to the island of Telendos in Kalymnos

The  small island of Telendos is separated from the island of Kalymnos by no more  than a 5 minute boat trip. Boats run regularly in the summer every 30 minutes  from the small Myrties jetty with a reduced service running in the winter.

Boats  trips to local islands

Boat  trips to local islands such as Leros and Lipsi can be taken from the small  jetty in Myrties. All other boat trips to further off islands can be caught  from the main port in Pothia.